Machu Picchu with a low budget

DSC_0276Day 1

Buenos días.

One of my dreams has always been to visit Machu Picchu. Even though its very near to Ecuador I hadn’t been able to visit it until last week. We decided to go with four friends and booked our tickets to Cusco [there is no way to fly directly to Aguas Calientes, the city where Machu Picchu is] and either way we wanted to visit Cusco for some days. Our trip was four days long and it was truly amazing. I also was surprised of how cheap you can get around Peru, that’s why Im sharing some tips with you.

After we arrived in Cusco we found out that if you get out of the airport and walk a little in the main street you can get Taxis for half the price. So as we walked out of the airport there were already a lot of drivers offering their prices. One very important thing to remember in Peru is to #REBATE the price. There are a lot of tourists in Cusco so the local people try to get a way higher price on al kinds of stuff [ from taxis to food] so don’t forget to rebate. Of course it helps if you speak Spanish but you can do it in English as well. Finally we took a Taxi for 20 Soles ( ~ 7 US$) to Loki Hostel.

We went to the Hostel without any reservations, but had gotten a lot of recommendations of friends to go there. There were a lot of people in the Hostel and after waiting for 20 Minutes they told us to come back in 2 hours because they didn’t know yet if there was a room for us. We decided to go to the main Plaza ” Plaza de  Armas” to grab sth. to eat. There are a lot of people on the streets offering their food and trying to convince you. We finally chose one and sat on the terrace with a view over the plaza. It was very nice and the food was good [ we even got a pisco for free–>so good]. We spend around 10 US$.


Walking around Plaza de Armas



Back in the hostel they told us they had a room for 4. It was perfect, even though it was a little bit over our budget. The receptionist told us that the hostel was a ” Party hostel” and it sure was true. The rooms were clean and the food was excellent with very good prices. I would definitely go back but recommend to do a reservation beforehand.


View from outside the hostel



2 thoughts on “Machu Picchu with a low budget

  1. Me encantó los pequeños detalles y recomendaciones del viaje, tan solo una pequeña observación el “Día 1” esta solo ya que no se detallan el resto de días, aun así un poco de información sobre que hacer en Perú (vida nocturna, lugares seguros, etc) fuera buenísimo.

    Por otro lado, me pareció increíble!.

    Excelente iniciativa Clau, con gusto seré un seguidor de tu blog.



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