Machu Picchu with a low budget-Last part

Day 4


Hola, Hola.

The day before we took the train back to Cusco. The trainride was pretty cool, we got food & drinks and there was also a typical Peruvian dancer and a fashionshow. Being back in Cusco we headed to Loki Hostel, were we actually had our first reservation. We got a room with 6 other people and paid around 8 US$.

The next day [day 4] was our last day in Peru, as our flight was scheduled at 8 p.m.We decided to head to the central market San Pedro, where all kinds of food are sold. There are also flowers and typical Peruvian artesany.


We walked around and decided to have a freshly made juice. They tasted amazing and costed around 2 US$. We even got a refill.


After that we headed to markets that were specialized with Peruvian artesany [ we still needed to buy some presents haha]. I loved all the things they had and they weren’t very expensive. But always remember to bargain.


We went back to the hostel and had lunch there. I ordered a Loki Club Sandwich, which I really loved [and it was very affordable].

After lunch we only had a few hours left. So we decided that we wanted to see the city from above. The receptionist  recommended us to walk to Cristo Blanco. It took around 40 minutes and it was a nice view. [ You don’t have to pay anything to get there].


After that we went back to the hostel to grab our stuff and to go to the airport. We decided to walk down a street and to take a taxi from there. It was way cheaper than we just arrived. It costed around 4 US$.

When boarding the plane I was really exhausted but so happy to have made this trip. It was really beautiful and I really recommend to see Machu Picchu. It’s a one in a lifetime experience.



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