Rainforest Ecuador- A must see

In the middle of Ecuador’s amazon region, there is a magic place to be found. The secondest largest Canopy Walk in South & Central America.


Just to be clear, I have lived 18 years and Ecuador and before this summer I had no idea about this amazing place [such a shame]. Its 275 meters long and 30 meters above the ground.


I don’t remember how many stairs you have to take to get there, actually I was counting them but once I saw the view from the top I quickly forgot the number. Up there in the middle of the rainforest you just feel like you are in another planet. It’s stunning how you just see tree after tree, nothing else but pure nature.


There are three towers in total [ to secure stability] and you can walk around from one to the other.


While walking through the canopy you get to see a lot of animals. The special aspect is that you are always accompanied by a native guide, that explains all the plants to you and also recognizes animals just by the sound of them. That’s how we saw baby monkeys, a toucan, a vulture and more.


Being  on that place I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. It was so beautiful.


Now over to the facts. To get to the Canopy you need to stay at Sacha Lodge :


To get to Sacha Lodge you need to take a boat from Coca down the Napo river for approximately 2 hours. After that you walk for another 30 minutes, till you get to a lake. Here you take your last boat and after 10 Minutes you arrive at the beautiful Sacha Lodge [ as you see it’s really tricky to get there, but that makes the resort even more special and you feel in the middle of nowhere]. I loved my four days stay there. From the food to swimming with pirañas [ yes real pirañas haha, but don’t worry if I survived you will too] everything was perfect.

But I also want to share some advice about the Canopy with you [as this was for me the best experience at the resort].The best time to go there is in the morning. This means waking up at 4 a.m. to have a quick breakfast and then head to the Canopy. The walk from the resort to the Canopy takes around 30~40 minutes, but as the sun isn’t up yet it’s not very exhausting.

Believe me, the sunrise is beautiful. I have pictures to prove it.



After being back down, I was so happy that I got to see this place. And I was truly convinced that:



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