Beautiful Sunsets in Boracay, Philippines

Hola, Hola from Barcelona.

Sadly my summer in Ecuador came to an end and now I’m living in Barcelona for the next 6 months [ I’m really happy to be here and to explore this amazing city & country]. But now back to the actual subject of this blog entry.



I went to this amazing place in the beginning of May ’14. And I loved the white sandy beaches and all the blue colors you could find in the ocean, but one thing that really stood out were the sunsets. I have seen many in my entire life, but none of them have been as amazing as the one’s in Boracay.

One thing that made the sunset’s really special was that we saw three different one’s from different beaches. So don’t make the common mistake to watch it every day from the famous beach at Station 2.


1. White Beach, Station 3.

This was the first sunset we saw and it was beautiful. Station 3 is not as famous as Station 2 and therefore not so crowded [ if you are looking for a cheap hostel this is the place to go], but don’t worry this doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful.


As there aren’t many tourists you can enjoy the sunset almost for yourself.

2. Puka Beach

We initially just wanted to spend the day here and head back to Station 2 to see the sunset there. Luckily we enjoyed this beach so much that we stayed till the sunset. There were just locals and us [ group of friends & me]. So this a really good insider tip and believe me you won’t regret it staying there the hole day, including the sunset.


Some friends of mine also recommend to check the restaurant/bar Spiderhouse. It’s really near to Puka Beach.

3. White Beach, Station 2.

Of course we couldn’t go home without seeing the most famous sunset in Boracay. So we decided to see it the last night. It was really nice [ even though there are a lot of tourists] and you get to see all the famous boats that have been pictured in so many postcards. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


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