September XXI-XXVIII

Hola, Hola.

I decided to create this new “sort” of blog post, where I talk about some daily activities I do in the beautiful city of Barcelona.


Well my first week Im going to talk about is the one that is just coming to an end (21.09.14-28.09.14). This week was so great and some amazing stuff happened.


Last Sunday we decided to go with some friends to see fireworks on the beach near to the Port. The fireworks were happening because one of the biggest festivals in Barcelona “La Mercè Festival”. It was really nice and I liked it a lot. Here some pictures.



Wednesday was the last day of the festival (in total it’s 5 days) and that day was holiday (no work) so why not go to see fireworks again? We went to the closing ceremony in Plaza España. There were millions of people haha and it got really crowded. So I guessed that the show must be a #mustsee. I felt like it was New Years. The fireworks were breathtaking with music playing and the fountains in front. Beautiful. If you are here next year in the dates of the festival don’t miss this show.



Friday was such a great day. I got to see Pique!!!!! We were heading back to the office after lunch when a friend told me “look there is Pique”. He was sitting outside on the terrace and everybody was so calm, not even realizing he was there. And let me tell you I was freaking out!!!


After work I went to get an ice cream in Placa Catalunya. My favorite ice cream place is called “Amorino” and my favorite flavor is ecuadorian chocolate. They even form your ice cream like a rose.



On Saturday a friend invited me to her place. It’s a hotel but there is also an apartment complex where you can rent rooms. The highlight is the swimming pool on the rooftop, where we went [its amazing how warm it is being the end of september]. It was so nice up there and you see the hole city, the ocean too.


If you are looking for a hotel this is a good option, not expensive and very central.

After swimming we got hungry so we went to a place where they sell pinchos for 1 Euro [Pinchos are like Tapas but they always consist on bread and on top of the bread there is something like fish, vegetables etc.] and they were sooo good. I loved them. Sadly I forgot the name but I’m going back there, so next time I will remember the name. The metro station is Poble Sec and I got a picture from the street [there are mostly spanish people there].



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