Fiestas del Pilar-ZARAGOZA

Hola, Hola.


This weekend I went with 4 other friends to Zaragoza where the “Fiestas del Pilar” were happening. It was actually a spontaneous trip as we decided to go this Friday. Luckily there was an offer to go by bus [Barcelona-Zaragoza] both ways for 20 Euros. So we met early Saturday at the Nord Bus Station in Barcelona and bought the tickets there [the way back we bought at 3 am as we wanted to party in Zaragoza but didn’t want to stay the hole night]. Just as a tip, it is cheaper to buy bus tickets at the counter than in the machines.

The bus ride took about 4 hours. When we arrived we took a bus to the city centre and then started walking around. We were quite hungry and decided to go to a very good Chinese restaurant where we got a menu (4 dishes) for 8 Euros.

After that we visited the famous monuments and went to Palace of the Aljaferia. I loved the Palace and was astonished by all the details. I was regretting not taking my “professional” camera with me [decided not to take it with me because it is quite heavy]. But well I took the pictures with my gopro.

DCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPRODCIM105GOPROAround 9 p.m. we went to the main square ready to see all the festivities. Sadly all the good events were on Sunday so there was only a female singer that night. There were SOO many people everywhere. I really found it too crowded and don’t like it when it takes 30 minutes to go to the other corner. But well not knowing where to go we headed for some churros con chocolate. And they were sooo good. We asked the waitress where to go to have some party and she recommend us a street nearby. We ended up in this really cool bar and had a lot of fun. So even though the festivities didn’t quite convince us, we had a blast.


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