Valencia on a budget

Hola, Hola.


Last weekend I had the pleasure to visit Valencia. And even though I had heard a lot of “it’s not so nice” comments from locals, I’m very glad I went. I loved it.

But lets get into the important stuff. How to spend a weekend in this city with a small #studentlike budget.


Well first of all what hotel/hostel to chose. My friend and I looked for a lot of different options and finally chose the Blue Moon Apartments.

We spent around 60Euros each for two nights. But here’s the catch. It was a huge apartment, with kitchen, TV-room and a bathroom. In our apartment (Nr. 7B) there was enough for around 5 people. So that would mean around 26Euros per person for the two nights. And thats a great deal if you consider that you are going to spend more by staying in a hostel.

Another big advantage was that it was right in the center. You could go almost anywhere walking. Here some pictures of our 48 hours apartment.


View from the apartment.


So in Spain you will always wanna know where to eat #spanishfoodistodiefor. I was surprised to see that the prices for food were almost the same as in Barcelona [I thought it was going to be cheaper]. But well we found some pretty good places that had a good price-quality relation. One is called “La Catalina Tabela”

The last day we went to a restaurant that someone recommended to us. It’s called “Taberna selecta Canela” and it’s famous for the paella [paella comes originally from Valencia so don’t forget to try it while being here].


There are actually two versions of the same restaurant in the same street, but one is more fancy and the other more simple. But the owner of the restaurant told me that they prepare the same rice in both restaurants. And I was truly amazed how good it was. They also have an amazing dessert called #chocolatebomb and yes it’s really as delicious as it sounds.


In 48 hours you get a pretty good impression of Valencia and you have enough time to see the most important things. Here’s my top 4 of activities you can do without any $$ required.

  • 1. Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

This place is A M A Z I N G. If you are an architectural lover this is heaven for you haha. It’s so incredibly build and there are so many different buildings around this place. The reflection of the blue water gives it a surreal feeling.


So as you can imagine there are a lot of thing to do here. There’s an museum, aquarium and so on. But the tickets are really expensive, over 20Euros. So we didn’t go in, but it’s not so bad to stay outside of the museum/aquarium/etc. As you can still enjoy the view and sit in some chairs and bring something to eat with you.

  • 2. Mercado Central

I really like to go to central markets. Not only because of the food but because I love to take pictures in markets. So many different colors and so much action happening.


So this market is really famous in Valencia and I liked it a lot. There was some good food there and if you look up you will be nicely surprised by the rooftop. Best part about markets? FREE ENTRANCE.

  • 3. Beach

The weather was perfect that weekend. Being end of october we enjoyed some fine 33 degrees. And that’s pretty amazing. So of course we couldn’t miss going to the beach one day. I liked the beach in Valencia more than the one in Barcelona, as it is less crowded and you also have more sand. And its way cleaner. Maybe because of the lack of tourists haha.


  • 4. Getting lost

Valencia is the perfect city to get lost. You will find nice small streets with spanish flair and you will always find your way home, as it isn’t such a big city. Don’t forget to head to Turia [it’s a park that crosses the city and was once a upon a time a river].



6 thoughts on “Valencia on a budget

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed Valencia when I went this summer and your photos brought me right back!
    I loved the central market- I found that it felt very authentic, not touristy like many other markets in Spain.
    Anyone who is planning a trip there… have their orange juice! It is amazing!
    I blogged about my time in Valencia here:


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