GoPro Underwater Shots – Boracay

Hola, Hola.


I know it has been a long time since I posted something. But last weekend I got sick and time just flies by. But here I am writing the next blog post.

And it’s about underwater shots with the GoPro White Edition.

So it’s kind of a review. Haha actually I’m not an expert about technological stuff, so don’t trust my opinion. But I still wanted to show you some real life pictures and tell you my personal opinion about this instagramfavourite camera.

So what better occasion than the underwater pictures I took in Boracay. I actually bought the camera because of this trip, as I thought that I might never get back to this island and to the amazing ocean they have. So there I was in Seoul trying to find the cheapest offer and ending up with the lower class haha the White Edition. I chose this because it was the cheapest and I didn’t need such advanced functions.

So here goes my opinion: The first pictures you take underwater probably won’t satisfy you. As you don’t get to see what you are shooting [yes this camera doesn’t have a screen, you have to trust your professional skills] you will have to practice a bit before you start liking your pictures & upload them to instagram. But as they say : practice makes the master. So after a while you will get to know the small details that matter for a good picture. Not having water drops in the lens, the lighting etc. And it takes really great videos. I was also satisfied with the long lasting battery, having an iPhone makes you appreciate this stuff more.

After my trip I was quite satisfied with my camera but I must say that I like more the pictures the GoPro takes far away from the water and the devious water drops haha.

Here my pictures, so you can judge.



5 thoughts on “GoPro Underwater Shots – Boracay

  1. Have fun with your GoPro! Mine’s (the Silver one) been through a lot of abuse in the year that I’ve owned it and it’s great. Hopefully you’ll get to take more underwater shots in other places since Boracay doesn’t really boast that much marine life 🙂


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