5 behaviors where every local will realize: Yes, that’s another tourist in Japan!

Hola , Hola.


Let me start this blog telling you that Japan is probably my favorite country (of course after Ecuador) in the whole entire world. There is something so fascinating about the culture there that always made me feel a special #wanderlust towards this country.

So finally I got to go on June ’14. And let me tell you that I’ve never felt less ashamed of acting like a TOTAL tourist. Since the moment you arrive there is too much action for your eyes to catch. Every corner you see something totally new and you just can’t wait to take a million pictures or to eat everything. WELCOME TO THE MOST FASCINATING COUNTRY.

Of course, how can somebody expect to act normal in such a different and beautiful country? At least for me it was the time to experience everything like a tourist and it actually was the first time that I randomly asked people for directions and so on [even though I always try to find things by myself and not ask like a little kid that got lost]. But there is a reason I behaved like this and it is the Japanese kindness. No matter who you asked everybody was so kind and helpful and always tried their best so we could find the way, I’ve never experienced this kind of kindness anywhere else. I felt at home since I stepped out of the airplane.

But enough bragging of Japan, let’s get to the behaviors every tourist should do in Japan [Believe me you won’t regret it]

1. The food

Japan is food heaven. So don’t be afraid to head to the touristic spots, as the food will be excellent. The one place I could only see tourists in line was definitely the fish market, where you can go to eat Sushi. We were there at 6 a.m. and there were already really big lines full of foreigners. But either way it was one of the best Sushi’s I have ever had [ it’s my favorite food so I’m a tough one to please]. And by the way every local will know you are a tourist by the way you are fascinated about the food and just cannot stop smiling.


The famous Ramen: DELICIOSO

DSC_0907 DSC_0324_2DSC_0327_2sushi

The very fatty tuna [ It melts on your tongue]


Green tea ice cream [My favorite, I ate way to much but don’t regret any calory]

2. Take photos on a photo booth and put your costume on.

Specially in Tokyo there are many places where you can go and play video games, but in this stores you can also take professional #selfies and it is soo much fun. I’m talking about the Japanese photo booths.


So you head to one of the million photo booths there are [preferably to one that is in English, as a good tourist] and let the fun begin. But wait, don’t forget the most important part: to chose a costume and to put a lot of make up on [haha even though the photos will be photoshopped anyways].


Normally you get the costume for free at the place where the photo booths are, but some charge some money. My advice is to keep looking for a store that offers them for free, I’m sure you will find one. My friend and I chose some typical japanese outfits.


When we went to start our little #selfie photoshooting we didn’t expect so much professionalism. There were a lot of lights everywhere to highlight your face and you could also chose some music to get better in the mood [in our case Roar from Katy Perry haha].

But after the photos the fun just starts. You get to edit your pictures with putting signs, smilies etc. on it and can start to change your face, from dark eyes to blue eyes. Everything you can imagine. It was definitely a perfectly, abnormally happy behavior we showed in that store.


3. Head to Akihabara and start spending money.

Well Akihabara is like the geek neighborhood of Tokyo. And there are thousands of gaming stores and also of technology. Even though we weren’t so into that we decided to try it out and play some games.


Haha well the only thing I will say is that you should do this but don’t go with to high expectations [we didn’t win anything and spent around 20 Euros]. But anyways it was fun and the people working there kept laughing at how bad we were and even helped us [ so tourist like], but it didn’t help us either way.

DSC_0462 DSC_0465 DSC_0454DSC_0468 DSC_0964

I wanted this doll so bad!!! But we never won. And if you buy the original it costs around 50 Euros.

4. Tuna Auction


Japan ❤ Tuna. So don’t forget to go to a Tuna Auction. It’s really cool and you will get an insight into the fish market called “Tsukiji”. I would have never imagined how big tunas can be.


There is only one negative thing about it. You will have to get up very early to make a line [ yes you guessed right, full of tourists] so you get one of the few spots that are offered almost everyday. [I’m not sure but I think that on Wednesday the fish market is closed, to be sure you better google it].


Haha well not to scare you, but we waked up at 3 a.m.

5. How to forget the most touristic part of them all, to buy souvenirs.


I really love Japanese souvenirs. They are so cute and so special. If I could I would have bought a hole store. But the problem is that they’re quite expensive, no matter where you are. But I still bought 2 or 3 things that I really loved and still have them. I went to Nakamise Shopping street that leads up to the Asakusa Shrine, so a great way to combine shopping and sightseeing. And there were really many shops.